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Free Alternatives to Webflow

Free Alternatives to Webflow

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Webflow is a powerful, fast, easy-to-use website builder. However, it may be intimidating for beginners and costly for some. This article covers some of the best free website builders, blogging tools, and online store builders that are an alternative to Webflow and may even save you money and help you build a website that works for you.

From drag-and-drop editors to advanced SEO features, these alternatives to Webflow offer a wide range of free features to help you quickly build a responsive website or online store:

•  GoDaddy – Best Overall

•  Mailchimp – Runner Up

•  Wix – Best For Local Businesses

•  WordPress – Best For Bloggers And Devs

•  Weebly – Best For Beginners

Discover the best free alternatives to Webflow, each with unique features and pricing. Learn how GoDaddy, Mailchimp, Wix, WordPress, and Weebly stand out and which one is the perfect fit for your needs. Read on to find out more details and make a well-informed decision.

Five Free Alternatives To Webflow: A Detailed Comparison

Webflow is a great website builder but is one of many available options. This article will look at five free alternatives to Webflow that offer a wide range of features and pricing options.

These Webflow alternatives provide an array of features to help you create a responsive website or an e-commerce store at no cost. With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and built-in SEO optimization, these free options allow you to achieve the same level of design and functionality as a paid service.

GoDaddy – Best Overall

Webflow Responsive Web Design For New Webflow Projects and Provides More Options Than Go Daddy

Visit GoDaddy here

GoDaddy is a widely used option among online entrepreneurs looking to purchase domains for future projects. The website builder allows users to establish an online brand with an easy set-up process using the drag-and-drop editor and built-in templates. Additionally, a free plan is available that permits setting up an online store with PayPal payments and an upgrade option to have more payment options.

The free plan comprises a subdomain with GoDaddy, and a custom domain can be acquired by upgrading to a paid plan for under $90 per year. It also provides on-platform social media, email marketing, and limited images and website templates via GoDaddy Studio.

GoDaddy's website builder is versatile, mainly focusing on e-commerce and customer service features, making it suitable for online stores. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor and free basic online store option make it an attractive choice for beginners in the online business field.


•  Email marketing and SEO tools included

•  Website chatbot included

•  It does not display ads on your site

•  A free plan is available with a drag-and-drop editor

•  E-commerce support and the ability to connect to a custom domain name


•  The free plan uses a subdomain

•  Free e-commerce includes only PayPal payments

•  Some of the features and functionality are locked behind paid plans

Mailchimp – Runner Up


Webflow Responsive Web Layouts For New Webflow Projects and Provides More Options and Additional Information Than Mailchimp

Visit Mailchimp here

Mailchimp is a great free alternative to Webflow for those who are looking for a comprehensive marketing platform with a free tier. It offers powerful email marketing tools, a website builder, e-commerce solutions, and a suite of automation tools.

The free plan allows up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 emails per month, making it ideal for small businesses on a budget. With the drag-and-drop editor, customizing your website to match your brand is simple and easy. The platform also provides SEO and analytics tools to help you monitor your performance and maximize your website's potential.

The only downside is that you'll need to purchase a domain from a third-party service since the free version does not include one. However, once you have that squared away, you can take advantage of Mailchimp's many features, such as e-commerce and appointment scheduling. So, if you're looking for a comprehensive marketing platform with a free tier, Mailchimp should be your go-to choice.


•  Email marketing and SEO tools are available

•  No advertisements displayed on your website

•  The free plan is e-commerce enabled

•  Appointment scheduling is included

•  Comprehensive marketing hub


•  Domain not included

•  Potential for costly email features

•  Limited web design capabilities

Wix – Best For Small And Local Businesses

Webflow Enables Elements for CSS Feedback For New Webflow Projects and Provides More Options and Additional Information Than HTML WIX

Visit Wix here

Wix is a great free alternative to Webflow for anyone looking to build a website without a large budget. It offers a range of affordable plans, hundreds of attractive design templates, and a full range of in-demand features that help you create a functional and appealing online presence. 

The free plan from Wix is an excellent option for those looking for an economical solution for their website needs. It includes up to 500MB of storage, bandwidth, and dedicated customer support. Although a custom domain name is not included, users can still create a stunning website with this plan. However, it is essential to remember that Wix ads will be displayed on every website page.

It's straightforward to use, even for beginners with no tech experience. Wix has a great selection of e-commerce tools that make it a top choice if you're looking to open an online store. It also has the tools you need, no matter what size website you're building.

With its easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and hundreds of app integrations, anyone can create a beautiful website in no time. It also offers excellent online store offerings, perfect for small and local businesses, creatives, and beginners. Plus, it has tons of flexibility and creative freedom, so you can easily customize your template to make it look exactly how you want.


•  Easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface

•  Great online store offering

•  Everything you need to grow and scale

•  Tons of flexibility and creative freedom


•  You can't switch your template once you've published your site

•  For advanced functionality, you may have to pay extra to install third-party apps

•  It can feel overwhelming when you first load the Wix editor

WordPress – Best For Bloggers And Devs

Writing HTML Code for WordPress and Learning Javascript Layouts is harder than Webflow Prototypes with Layout Elements

Visit WordPress here

WordPress is a trendy and versatile website builder, and for a good reason. It includes a free, open-source content management system (CMS) that allows users to create and manage their own websites. WordPress offers users immense flexibility and control, unlike other website builders, allowing them to customize their sites to the fullest extent.

It's a great free alternative platform for bloggers, as it is straightforward to use and allows users to create an attractive and professional-looking website with minimal effort. It also offers a wide range of themes and plugins, both free and premium, that allow users to customize their sites to fit their exact needs and preferences.

WordPress is also an excellent option for developers, as it is highly customizable and allows for the creation of complex websites. What's great is that it also supports a wide range of languages, making it accessible to developers worldwide. 

However, using the free version of WordPress can be quite restricted; you don't have access to the code, you can't use plugins, and you can't modify the theme. Furthermore, you will not be able to use your own domain name, and the site will be financed through advertisements.


•  Free, open-source content management system

•  Free-to-use and open-source options are available

•  High degree of customization options

•  Wide variety of themes to choose from, including both free and paid options

•  Expand functionality through the use of third-party plugins


•  Can be challenging to learn and navigate

•  Additional costs may be incurred by purchasing hosting, premium themes, and additional plugins

•  Potentially experiencing issues such as broken site or slow loading due to plugin compatibility.

Weebly – Best For Beginners

Weebly for writing code and landing page layouts is suboptimal to Webflow and writing Simple Code

Visit Weebly here

Weebly is an excellent choice among website builders, particularly for those who are just starting out. It offers a free forever plan, and premium plans start at only $6 per month with annual billing. Weebly stands out for its user-friendliness and a drag-and-drop editor, which makes creating a website without coding knowledge a breeze.

It also has attractive, responsive-design themes and offers integrated e-commerce tools, making it great for creating an online store. The free version of Weebly has some limitations, such as Square ads, limited customization options, and a 500MB storage limit.

The Professional plan and above offer additional features such as a free domain name, unlimited storage, password protection for 100 site members, site search, improved site stats, and phone support. With the Performance tier, businesses can also receive payments through PayPal, sell unlimited products, print shipping labels, let users leave item reviews, and access priority support.


•  Weebly offers a free forever plan so users can create and publish attractive, responsive-design sites, blogs, and online stores without any costs.

•  Offers competitive premium pricing

•  Weebly has a simple interface that lets users quickly build excellent-looking, responsive webpages without coding knowledge.

•  It offers free SSL security, allowing users to keep their site and data secure.


•  Weebly has limited customization options, making it challenging to customize your website.

•  Phone support is only available on the Professional plan and higher.

•  Weebly does not have an interface-wide undo feature, which can be inconvenient.

Does Webflow Offer Free Website Building?

Webflow has Free Grid Options Vs Godaddy and CSS Javascript to Optimize

Webflow does indeed offer a free option for creating and launching websites. You can build and launch a fully functional website using Webflow's free plan, including access to their drag-and-drop editor, built-in themes, and the ability to create an online store with PayPal payments.

You can also use a subdomain, email and social media marketing, and limited website templates and images.

If you are on a budget and want to create a website without spending any money there are many free resources are available online to help you create a fully functional and visually appealing website. From free stock photos and fonts to website builders and e-commerce tools, the list of free resources continues to grow.

You can use resources like Unsplash, StockSnap, and Picjumbo for free stock photos. Google fonts, DaFont, Behance for free fonts, and Webflow for website building. Remember to pay attention to what elements you will use to make your site stand out and blend flair with functionality to create an exceptional site — with no added costs.

What Are The Restrictions To Webflow's Free Services?

Webflow offers a free version of its website-building service, which is a great way to get a taste of its platform and try out some of its features. However, a few restrictions come with the free plan that you should consider:

•  The free plan is quite basic and only allows for two projects of two pages each. Additionally, you will need to upgrade to a paid plan if you export your project to host it elsewhere, as the free account does not allow for code export.

•  You'll have to host your website on the webflow.io domain; only 50 CMS items are allowed, 50 form submissions for a lifetime, 1GB bandwidth, a maximum of 1 seat, two unhosted sites, and two agency or freelancer guests. However, web flow designer features are entirely free to use with its tutorials accessibility to watch engaging video content of the website building tool.

It's worth noting that the Webflow free plan is not time-sensitive, meaning you can use it as long as you want. However, you'll have to upgrade to paid plans if you need more features or storage. All in all, the free plan is a great way to explore Webflow's platform and see if it's the right fit for your website-building needs.

Comparing Webflow Vs. Alternatives

High Fidelity Prototypes with Webflow Means No Engineers for GoDaddy Wix, Weebly, Mailchimp or WordPress

When it comes to creating a website, there are several options available, including Webflow's free version. While it's a powerful tool with many features, it may not be the best fit for everyone. Here's a comparison of Webflow's free services against a few other popular free website-building options:


GoDaddy's free website builder offers a simple drag-and-drop editor and built-in themes to set up a basic online store. It also includes email and social media marketing tools, but some features and functionality are locked behind paid plans.


Mailchimp's free plan offers email marketing tools, a website builder, e-commerce solutions, and automation tools. It's ideal for small businesses on a budget, but you'll need to purchase a domain from a third-party service.


Wix's free website builder is geared towards local businesses and offers a range of templates and features to create a professional-looking website. However, it does display ads on your site and limits the storage space for your site.


WordPress's free website builder is famous among bloggers and developers and offers many templates, plugins, and features. However, the free version does not include hosting, is known to have a slow loading time, and you'll need to pay for a domain name.


Weebly's free website builder is user-friendly and offers a drag-and-drop editor and basic templates. It's an excellent option for beginners, but you must use the paid plan to access more advanced features.

When comparing Webflow's free services against these alternatives, it's essential to consider your specific needs and goals before making a decision. Webflow offers a high-end powerful, professional website-building service, but it may not be the best option for everyone seeking a free solution.


If you're searching for a free alternative to Webflow, this article highlighted some of the best options available. From GoDaddy to Mailchimp, Wix, WordPress, and Weebly, each website builder offers unique free features and pricing. Take a look at the options and decide which would best fit you and your needs. Happy website building!






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