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How to give design feedback

How to give design feedback

How to give design feedback

Reviewing designs is a complex matter. You want it to be perfect, as does the team or designer and it’s very much a personal experience that encompasses your tastes, desires and opinions.

In this article we outline how to give feedback to your designer or agency that is constructive, informed and helpful to move everyone closer to the end goal in a unified manner and ensure a smooth project.

Step 1: Reviewing the designs

The first step is getting the designs from your agency or designer and reviewing them. How do we do this in a way that ensures we’ve thought the proposed design through? Some good advice is to take some time and sit with it, sometimes your opinion isn’t formed immediately and when giving fast feedback sometimes you think of something else or your mind changes shortly after, which can both increase the costs for the project and time spent. Take time to compare the different visuals if there’s more than one artistic direction or solution to choose from and think about which is most suited to your users needs and brand vision moving into the future.

You should aim to provide the design feedback as soon as possible. Here at Karpi Studio, we have a 3 working day limit for feedback, some studios have less or more. The longer it takes the more you will be overthinking it.

Step 2: Giving feedback

After reviewing the designs, the team or designer directly needs your input to move the project forwards. To do this we suggest a great 3 part process:

  • Highlight what you’d like changed clearly: Be specific in explaining exact areas you’d like to have adjusted and why. If you’re accessing a shared Figma file with your agency or designer you can leave comments directly on the design - pinned to a location so everyone knows where you are referring to. Ensure that changes suggested are not negatively affecting the experience your users will have when using your website.

  • Explain why it should be changed: Everything about your website should be intentional, with the overarching purpose of fulfilling your business goals.

  • Offer alternative ideas or solutions if applicable: It’s helpful when giving feedback to suggest ideas or alternative solutions you’d like implemented to replace it with this allows for an open ended conversation to trial solutions and come to a perfect one.

Following this process ensures that the guidance and opinions you give are well rounded, detailed and helps give the designer a clear picture of where to go next. Ultimately website design is a collaborative effort on both sides of the project and this is how we can fully understand and optimize your vision.

Need to see if your website is optimised for a smooth user experience that converts your visitors into paid customers? Get in touch with us today at: info@karpi.studio

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