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Website Redesign Requirements Template

Website Redesign Requirements Template

Writing detailed requirements for a website redesign is a critical key to the project's success. There's no need for you to create wireframes or conduct analyses, as the web design agency will have systems in place to handle these tasks. However, having a clear set of goals and directions, and compiling them into a single document, enhances your credibility and increases the likelihood of receiving a proposal from a reputable design firm.


  • Purpose
  • Audience
  • Problem to Solve
  • Single Most Compelling Idea
  • Why Should They Believe This?
  • Desired Takeaway
  • Brand Personality
  • Deliverables
  • Timeline
  • Executional Guidelines
  • Goals
  • Appendix

Purpose of This Project

This document outlines the specifications for ACME's 2024 website redesign at www.acmeiot.com.

The ACME website is designed to serve as the company's most sustainable and impactful resource: conveying our value proposition, offering social proof, and assisting in the hidden journey of potential clients' decision-making process. It also plays a crucial role in converting leads, nurturing relationships, and attracting talent.

Audience: Who Are We Engaging With?

The primary audience includes professionals involved in innovation and product development within the Internet of Things (IoT) sector at enterprise or large enterprise (25k+ employees) companies with advanced innovation cultures. Historically, ACME has found success in scenarios involving office-based tech workers; this trend is evolving as numerous recent agreements involve field technicians or their supervisors.

This audience is categorized into:

  • Decision makers: Typically senior managers and directors of Product Development functions. Known as “Voice” in our communication, we focus on the value ACME brings.
  • Influencers: Generally product engineers, innovation designers, junior to mid-level managers, and tech support teams. Referred to as “Visibility” in our communication, we navigate between technical specifications and value propositions.
  • Business stakeholders: Often Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Technology Officers, VPs of Product Development. Known as “Vote” in our communication, we highlight the business outcomes achievable with the right IoT platform.

Our secondary audience encompasses individuals working for third-party innovation labs, tech incubators, and large research institutions (identified as TI). This group is typically engaged through our corporate marketing efforts, as they seek to deliver scalable, project-based innovation programs to their clients and stakeholders.

Moreover, the ACME website offers social proof and corporate information, enhances client services, and acts as a tool for job seekers to submit their applications.

What is the Problem/Need/Desire the Website Should Address for the Consumer?

In addition to the imperative of building credibility and sharing details about the company and its offerings, it is crucial to tackle these fundamental inquiries: 

  • Why would a potential customer be motivated to invest and undergo the challenge of implementing a new technology platform into their operations? 
  • What advantages does ACME offer that justify the investment beyond their existing technology stack or IoT management system? 
  • How do we differentiate ourselves from our competition? From traditional IoT management systems? From possibly our biggest competitor: the option to avoid purchasing a new solution and instead, "making do" with the current infrastructure?

What is the Single Most Compelling Idea We Need to Communicate?

ACME provides the unparalleled solution in the IoT space that not only mirrors but surpasses the efficiency of conventional systems — demonstrated to empower organizations to achieve groundbreaking business results such as operational efficiency, strategic alignment, enhancing employee connectivity, and fostering talent development and mobility on a large scale.

Why Should They Believe This?

  • ACME's product capabilities encompass hands-on application, real-time feedback, collaborative team projects, structured peer-to-peer exchanges, and mentorship opportunities, all of which contribute to impactful learning that integrates seamlessly into the daily workflow of users.
  • ACME delivers a unified experience where users can access a comprehensive learning hub — yet course designers have the flexibility to integrate diverse learning resources across various formats.
  • With ACME, creators have access to a user-friendly, no-code tool that empowers them to design courses tailored to deliver transformative outcomes without being limited by the platform’s structure.
  • ACME facilitates group, team, and global cohort collaboration, encouraging learning, discussion, and practical application of knowledge, supplemented with feedback, coaching, mentorship, and guided facilitation.
  • ACME provides advanced data tools and analytics to assess the impact and effectiveness of learning initiatives for both participants and administrators.
  • ACME simplifies administrative tasks and IT concerns with its extensive suite of integration options.
  • Social proof

What is the Desired Effect? What Will the Target Takeaway?

  • People within target organizations should easily grasp what ACME is and recognize the value it brings, feeling confident that it will aid them in achieving their technological and business objectives.
  • Those same individuals take action on the website, especially in terms of requests for demos (or an equivalent step).
  • Job seekers find assurance in ACME being a reputable and successful entity.

Brand/Company Personality

ACME is innovative yet approachable and friendly. Its team is regarded as pioneers in the IoT field. We might aim for a more provocative or light-hearted tone.


  • Phase 1: Launch of the redesigned website featuring at least the essential pages: Home page, primary navigation pages, select sub-pages under those, and pages for high-traffic or frequently linked blog content.
  • Phase 2: Full implementation of all detailed pages.

Specific Timeline, Including Milestone Dates

  • Specs to potential web firms or contractors in April 2024
  • Engage a web firm in June 2024
  • Website launch in October 2024
  • Website built out to its entirety by January 2025

Executional Guidelines/Mandates/Additional Pertinent Information


  • The website will evolve into a multi-product platform.
  • Compliance with budget and timelines is crucial.
  • The site architecture should be simplified for ease of navigation and clarity.
  • Engage users with a more dynamic layout and language that fosters an emotional connection.
  • Future-proofing the site is essential to accommodate upcoming products and features.


  • The branding will be refreshed while maintaining its core identity.
  • Compliance with ADA standards for contrast between colors and fonts is required.
  • Distinct color schemes and design elements should differentiate products.
  • Page layouts must be more engaging, with forms prominently displayed, smaller hero sections, and designs that promote user exploration.
  • Enhancing user experience with a dedicated top navigation for customers, including links to support, knowledge bases, and login options.
  • Improve visual content with high-quality product screenshots, and incorporate more graphs and graphics.


  • The messaging must clearly articulate why investing in ACME and its IoT solutions offers substantial value.
  • Clarify ACME’s identity and unique selling points in contrast to traditional solutions, signaling the importance of timely adoption.
  • Adopt a customer-centric narrative, demonstrating an understanding of their challenges and how ACME addresses them.
  • Maintain or refresh website copy to ensure relevance, with stories highlighting ACME’s impact on customers through testimonials, videos, and value statements.
  • Include social proof and trust signals, such as notable customer logos and achievements.
  • Balance high-level benefits with detailed feature descriptions, providing real-life applications and examples.
  • Ensure copy is concise and easily digestible.
  • Expand information for potential employees, showcasing company values, culture, and benefits.
  • The homepage should provide an overview, directing users to detailed pages on specific topics.
  • Emphasize underrepresented aspects such as blended solutions, employee growth, and global reach, underscoring ACME’s versatility.
  • Aim for a more bold or provocative tone where appropriate.


  • Optimize the site for lead conversion, engagement, and SEO, offering clear navigation paths for different visitor intents.
  • Incorporate tools for visitor identification and personalization based on user behavior and journey stage.
  • Ensure compatibility with SEO best practices and integration with SEO tools.
  • Create a dynamic and interactive user experience with personalized content and functionalities for different audiences.
  • Include a comprehensive video library showcasing product features and demonstrations.
  • Consider experiential features like interactive demos to engage users.
  • Structure the site around the ACME Value Framework, maintaining essential resource and informational pages.
  • Highlight thought leadership prominently on the homepage and include a dedicated services section.
  • Improve the careers section for better visibility of open positions.
  • Facilitate user interaction through integrated tools for content engagement and lead capture.


  • Select a hosting solution that supports the desired functionalities while ensuring seamless transition and SEO preservation.
  • Maintain or enhance site speed and ensure a user-friendly administrative backend for easy content updates without technical barriers.
  • Prioritize a responsive design to provide an optimal mobile experience, anticipating shifts in user access preferences.

How Will We Know That This Project Fulfilled Its Goals?

Success indicators include:

  • A minimum of 20% improvement in conversion rates.
  • Enhanced utility for sales teams in engaging with prospects.
  • Increased win rates and competitive advantage in sales comparisons.
  • Improved website traffic driven by optimized SEO and site structure.


  • Audit results:
  • Examples of desired featuressome text
    • Website some text
      • URL: [Add url]
      • Why: [Describe why you like it]
    • Website some text
      • URL:
      • Why:
    • Website some text
      • URL:
      • Why:
    • Website some text
      • URL:
      • Why:
    • Website some text
      • URL:
      • Why:

  • CRM:
  • Marketing automation tools:
  • Other integrations:
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