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How can we democratize the wine industry and engage the younger generation?

How can we democratize the wine industry and engage the younger generation?

E-commerce is evolving. The era of websites resembling catalogs is over. 

We connected the dots and used generative AI to provide precise solutions for end buyers.

What’s the problem? 

Why do people buy products? In our example, we will use wine. People buy wine for various reasons, e.g., dinners, events, as gifts, among others. This indicates that people have a need to achieve a certain outcome. In the context of online shopping, we provide a solution to help them achieve their desired result. And here's where it gets interesting: The likelihood of your customers making a purchase increases significantly when your online business can swiftly and seamlessly provide what they desire.

Practically speaking, if I go to a wine shop because I am hosting a dinner party and one of my guests has WSET certification, I want to ensure what I serve is of good quality. I visit an online store and look around. In the legacy systems (catalog like e-commerce stores) I would be lost but with an assistant to talk to, I will more likely ask: 

“We are having dinner for 6 people. It will be chicken soup, roast beef ribs, and vegetables. For dessert, cheesecake.” 

Ideally, I would get an answer that might inquire about my price range, inform me about the wines I need to buy, the quantities, and finally provide me with an offer. If I find the offer appealing, I will click a button and purchase.

The buying process

Apple Pay and Google Pay have been around for a while. They store the user's name, address, email, phone, and even verify age. There's no need to burden people with leeeengthy, ugly and complicated checkout forms.

The proposal

  • 2-way communication channels with generative AI offer solving the shopping
  • 1-click checkout experience

To put it simply: Our proposal introduces a system where customers can interact with a smart AI to make shopping easier. This system allows you to quickly find what you need and check out with just one click.

What we aim to achieve

Democratize Access to Wine:

  • Simulate an in-person shopping experience with a sommelier 
  • Provide professional, accurate, and judgment-free advice.
  • This approach empowers buyers, instilling in them a sense of knowledge and confidence about their decisions. Their high level of satisfaction naturally leads them to eagerly recommend your services to others.

Reduce the Carbon Footprint:

  • Provide winemakers with structured data to identify market trends.
  • Enable winemakers to supply only the demanded types of wine in specific regions.
  • Help winemakers optimize their downstream transportation and comply with Scope 3 carbon goals.

Structure Unstructured Data:

  • Address the issue that 80% of companies, according to Microsoft, can't access or analyze unstructured data.
  • Offer a tool that captures and analyzes data, identifying market trends to inform decision-making.

This strategy enhances wine accessibility through an online shopping experience with a digital sommelier. It actively contributes to smarter production and shipping decisions in the wine industry. Additionally, it introduces a tool to interpret customer preferences, crucial to the buying process, and aids businesses in informed decision-making based on market trends by providing better structured data.

Pioneering Innovation

To summarize, only by embracing a revolutionized innovation that speaks to the younger generation of today can we truly transform the wine industry or any other industry for that matter, making it more accessible, environmentally-conscious, and ensuring that customers always walk away educated. Join us in shaping a future where wine shopping is seamless and uncomplicated, can be purchased in just one click, and is tailored to your customers' wants and needs.

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