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Say hello to our new logo!

Say hello to our new logo!

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Boom! Just like that Karpi Studio has a new logo and visual direction!

As the studio expands and the team grows as does the number of amazing clients we work with monthly, we needed to ensure the direction of the studio is aesthetically clean, bold and memorable, we feel the new KS shape embodies those points.

Changing of a brand logo should be an intentional process, one that has a purpose. Our first logo was created prior to the decision to work solely with business' in the enviro-tech scale up space. It was an evolution of various designs that brought us to this sharp chevroned logo. Distinctive yet needed simplifying in an effort to ‘debrand’ the detail and depth to ensure the logo is as memorable as possible to create an iconic shape that can serve for the future.

Our entire visual direction is being overhauled and we’re starting today with the logo!

We believe it still has an essence of the original logo but has a more bold and sophisticated finish. It’s a natural evolvement from the previous and can be scaled easily and used in multiple ways.

Moving forwards you’ll see all the other visuals for Karpi studio aligning to the new direction: in our marketing materials, on the website, on social media. We know the new logo makes us more recognisable and bold, the same impact we strive to bring with our work.

Thanks for listening and here’s to the future,

The Karpi Studio team 🥳


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