The Most Comprehensive 70-point Website Pre-launch Checklist

A step-by-step notion template to spot and fix hidden bugs, broken links, and incompatible designs in your new website.

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If you’re launching a new website,

Or you build websites for a living.

You know the initial design and development is comparatively easy

Meanwhile, your head might start spinning when you have to test it against different metrics like,

  1. SEO links
  2. Loading speed
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Design testing on all devices
  5. Functionality testing
Get instant access for € 9
A coffee mug webflow logo on top of a chess and close to a MacBook Pro showcasing a Webflow Templateby Azwedo L.LC

Frustrated clients, missed deadlines, and customer complaints.

2-star service.

I’m Pavel and I like to build the most memorable websites on the planet.

In over 5 years of scaling my web development agency,

I’ve built over 150 websites, ranging from Fortune 500s to the big mammoths in competitive markets.

It has led me to win over 7 design awards among thousands of best designers worldwide.

I’ve been in the trenches, done it over and over again.

I’ve used that experience to compile a list of every single issue websites have,

And I’ve put it into a checklist with video tutorials so my team can have a systematic bug-testing workflow, and never second guess if “they’re still missing something”

They just run projects through that checklist making it simple as f**k to have a bug-free, smoothly running, fast, and responsive website.

It helped us build the most responsive and stunning websites on the internet,

I’ve named it Website Pre Launch Checklist,

You can get it for 9 bucks here.

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Your call :)

What you get for $9 :

  • Webflow testing framework
  • Responsiveness virtual testing framework (Blisk browser)
  • UI testing framework
  • Quality assurance framework
  • Video tutorials to spot every error and how to fix it
  • Less stress and anxiety on your new launch

Grab your Website prelaunch Checklist

$9 today

This 70 point Checklist has led to client reviews like this :

I cannot recommend the Karpi Studio team enough. I had the pleasure of working with Pavel and Andrew on a website design project, and I could not recommend them more highly. They were an excellent thought partner and provided great insights throughout the process. It was also clear that they cared deeply about the end result and ensured that it met my needs and expectations. Karpi team was fun to collaborate with and made the whole process enjoyable. Most importantly, the end result was better than I could have imagined, thanks partly to their creative vision and attention to detail. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Karpi Studio, and I would not hesitate to do so again in the future.

West Stringfellow


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I really enjoyed working with Karpi Studio and I recommend them to everyone that needs skilled and communicative designers and Webflow developers, regardless of the size of the project.

Felix Karlson

Business Development

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▶️ BeFC’s website is LIVE! The amazing teams of Karpi Studio and BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells worked hand in hand to build such an insightful website and I definitely recommend the work of Pavel Karpisek and Nikola Blaňárová as website builders and designers. I also had the pleasure to work again with the talented Edouard Paul TRITANT to provide media content for BeFC.

Dr. Marie R. Berthuel

Product & Communications Manager

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Pavel is a Webflow hero. He and his team at Karpi have been working closely with the Domain Money team to make sure we have all the functionality we need when we need it. He has been extremely responsive and has worked with us on tight deadlines all the while remaining positive and engaged. He and his team feel like a part of our team which is all you can hope for when supplementing with consultants. Pavel has also been a great creative problem solver, helping with automations and workflows that go beyond the Webflow mandate. Highly recommend him and Karpi Studio to anyone who is looking for hard working consultants that deliver with a smile!

Lee-on Pedahzur

Vice President of Operations

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They created something amazing and the process enjoyable. I will work with Pavel’s team on a new project in the future and I recommend you to do it as well.

Henry Tregenza

Creative Director

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Karpi Studio has probably the greatest designers and project managers I have ever worked with. Given my decade of experience on Upwork, they are by far the best people in their field on this entire platform. The level of detail he goes to ensure that each objective is not just met but surpasses our expectations is incredible. The project Karpi Studio delivered went far beyond what we expected. The value he added via their recommendations is having a measurable effect on our ROI for the platform we built, and Karpi Studio is worth every penny. Pavel a true gentleman, an excellent communicator, and has world-class technical skills. We will continue working with Karpi Studio on all our projects well into the future.

Ghazi Jeiroudi

Managing Partner

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It’s very very cool. Overall this is a really great website, specifically a lot of cool interactions going on, I love this, I think it’s really well executed. I think fantasic in terms of the graphic design choices, the art direction & interactions look really good.

Ran Segall


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Karpi Studio team helped us develop 2 websites for a robotics company and accounting software. The process was incredibly smooth, and they were very professional. Deadlines were always met and even exceeded our expectations! I found Karpi Studio founder Pavel since he was highest rated on UpWork, and I was not disappointed. The technical skills, communication, design creativity, everything is amazing! Pavel, thank you so much for everything you've helped us build over the past few months, and looking forward to working again together in the future!

Tanya Gauthier

Co-Founder & CEO

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Karpi Studio has been absolutely fantastic right from day one. They translated our vision for our client's project perfectly, creating a high-quality site with Webflow with all the necessary aspects. Really happy to have chosen Webflow, really happy with the result, and really happy to have chosen to work with the Karpi team.

Robert Bean


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Very happy with the process & results! At Karpi Studio are skilled developers and designers. It was apparent throughout the process that they have standards for the work delivered. They were able to bring insight and new ideas to the project. Karpi Studio has a skilled design team. They had the desire to collaborate with the others agency to see that the project would be successful. The timeline was stuck and they were proactive in seeing the project move forward. Overall we were very happy with the end result and would recommend Karpi Studio to others. We will definitely be working with Karpi for future updates and projects.

Rino G. Pietanza


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Pavel is one, if not the best freelancer I have worked with. After failed attempts with 3 other Webflow developers, it was a huge relief to find someone who not only had an incredible understanding of Webflow, but was ready to go the extra 2 miles, taking a personal interest in how to make the site function better.

Arran Ching

Business Development Executive

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100% recommend Pavel and his team! He did awesome work on our website and was very well organized. Very great communication and professional work.

Spencer Harrison


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Karpi Studio is awesome to work with. Incredibly knowledgeable and thorough. I'll definitely work with them in the future.

Zach Williams


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Pavel has been tremendous support for our Liberland IT project, in fact, the backbone of the project. An excellent team leader, IT expert, a real joy to work with. Pavel is a good listener, takes instructions and execute the plan in a timely manner. A real joy to work with.

Dr Tariq Abbasi MBE DL


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Excellent communication, impeccable workflow, highly professional, and a complete pleasure to work with. Karpi Studio are THE guys for Webflow design and development projects and we will certainly be working together in the future.

Simon Pilkington


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Pavel is a very creative and versatile problem-solver, both as a CEO and as a teammate (I had the pleasure of seeing him in these two positions). His mindset is both ambitious and humble, and I believe it is one of the most important and hard-to-acquire qualities in this business.

Gauthier Lamothe


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I have worked with Pavel on setting up the infrastructure systems for Liberland and I was consistently impressed by his drive for results, goal oriented time management and work ethics. Pavel has come up with innovative solutions in chaotic project conditions and within a short time succeeded to lay structure and achieve real base line achievements. As an example, an upgrade of the web page and the associated back-end database that had been discussed for years, was re-hauled within a few months after he joined the team. Pleasure to work with Pavel.

Milan Seman

Senior Industry Officer

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