Boring is bad for business

So, we aim for attraction, beauty and originality.

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Beauty does not make profitable website

Showing the understanding of a particular problem and your expertise to solve it makes profitable websites.

Hi, I'm Pavel

Prior Karpi Studio I worked for 10 years as project manager executing small and large project across the world.

I built websites since 8 years ago.

And incorporated Karpi Studio in 2018 with an aim to create a global design studio focused on delivering websites for startups and companies from different industries.

I've obsession with excellence. Not perfection. I learned the hard way as PM that perfection will never happen but instead we ship as quickly what we can and gather feedback from the market. Then we iterate on that feedback and ship again.

Another obsession is the Human Experience (I like to use the term Steve Jobs was using). My philosophy is that website is talking to humans.
Humans have emotions.
Emotions drive decisions.
Decisions to sign or not to sign a contract, put money on the table or even click inside the contact form and hit send.

If we treat people like people instead of numbers we can see how our numbers (web ROIs, MMRs, Conversion rates, etc) grow. For more information see Ynvisible case study.

‍A part of Karpi Studio I run Webflow Global Meetup and teach people using Webflow to develop their websites. Run a Gentleman Roundtable Mastermind group where we focus on personal and professional development.

See Not only what we did.
See what we can do.

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What we do

1. Brand Strategy

Where are you going? Are you shooting blindfolded? The 1st thing we do at Karpi Studio is finding the goals and paths that will lead us to it. That ebrings fancy words such as Brand Positioning Strategy, Marketing Strategy and so on.

2. Web Redesign & Webflow

The website is where the leads finally gain trust and convert into business opportunities.

Web development to build beautiful websites with best practices so they perform on top of each metric.

3. Digital Products for Community

We are building tools for the designer community:
- Our Blog
- Linkedin Tutorials
- Website Pre-Launch Checklist

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We do not fail