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Felix Karlsson
Business Developer


Vancouver, Canada



Target customer:

IOT product companies


Website design
Webflow development

Ynvisible's volume productionYnvisible's volume production

Project Aims

Ynvisible, based in Vancouver, Canada creates products utilizing innovative and eco-friendly message display technology called electrochromism. When Ynvisible began taking steps to grow its business, it realized it had a website messaging problem.

Ynvisible turned to Karpi Design Studio to improve the effectiveness of their website so that more visitors could be converted into leads and sales.

-Clarify the messaging.
-Optimize site structure.
-Modernize site visually.
-Increase leads and sales.

Old Ynvisible homepage

Old Ynvisible homepageOld Ynvisible homepage

New Ynvisible homepage

New ynvisible hero designNew ynvisible hero design

What we did

Magnifying glassMagnifying glassPaint brushPaint brushTop speedTop speedBaseline auto graphBaseline auto graph

We beleive getting to an end goal successfully means breaking that down into smaller actionable steps. We split this project into 4 key steps.

1 Identified existing problems

Karlsson built the company’s original website himself using “I have a slight background in web development, but I’m not a professional,” he said.

“We had quite a technical approach, but we didn’t have enough visuals to communicate what we were doing.”
Ynvisible’s biggest need was being able to communicate the unique value of their products. Their products are based on the phenomenon of Electrochromism. This is where a material changes color when a voltage is applied. But explaining how their products used this technology for the benefit of their customers was a challenge.
Ynvisible segment display pageYnvisible segment display page
-Poorly showcased product
-Technical and not visually pleasing design
-Low conversion rate

Karpi Design Studio was chosen for their advanced skill in creating websites with Webflow. The Webflow platform is known for it’s ability to create high performance sites. This translates into more website traffic, more conversions and a better user experience. Maintenance is easier too thanks to on-page editing capabilities.

2 Redesigned Brand Direction

Karpi Design defined the typeface and modernized the color scheme. To give the logo a modern look, they added a color gradient to modernize it. Updated brand guidelines were implemented on the website and across all marketing channels.
Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog
Raleway regular
Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog
Raleway bold
Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog
Lato regular
Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over The Lazy Dog
Lato bold
Dark background with logo
White background with logo

3 Redesigned all site pages

Karlsson’s focus was on customizing their homepage. He wanted to repurpose content from an existing Ynvisible video to showcase key product features.  Clear messaging text was added to highlight the benefit for the consumer and a clear call to action button.
-Increased contrast
-Mobile friendly
-Added animation
New design of Ynvisible hero sectionNew ynvisible hero design

Mobile friendly

Our re-imagined website is created to look amazing on all devices. We test thoroughly to ensure that it’s a great experience regardless of the screen size.


We brough the site to life by adding subtle animation and interactions throughout, along with videos of the product and the process.

Loads quickly

Optimizing page load speed is a priority for us when creating a new website. For a great user experience it needs to be fast. This site loads in under 1 second as it’s hosted on the lightining fast Webflow CMS.

“They not only understand design, but also how important performance is and how to communicate copywriting and visual assets as a whole package.”

4 Results

“The feedback from clients so far has been great,” said Karlsson “the new website works like a high-performance sales tool.” The new Ynvisible site has been well received, both internally and externally. He especially liked how Karpi Design Studio was able to reuse their existing content to improve how the site looks and communicates visually.

The new site now doubles as a PowerPoint presentation that the Ynvisible team can use in business meetings. Visitors can easily find the information they need to understand Ynvisible products.


Metrics beforeMetrics before


Metrics afterMetrics after
When describing what it was like to work with Karpi Design Studio, Karlsson said he liked how they were able to combine design with website performance. And that they now have analytical tools for measurement and reporting.

He said the firm was easy to work with. They delivered the development on time and did well managing several rounds of changes. Commenting on the cost of his new site, Karlsson added, “Their hourly fees on average are quite high. But at the same time, they are really efficient. They don’t waste a lot of hours doing unnecessary stuff. It’s a quite streamlined process.”
“It’s quite certain that you will get a high-quality website developed by experts.”
Redesigned ynvisible homepage
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Vancouver, Canada


Printed electronics
Clean tech


A multinational public company quoted stock exchanges in Canada, USA, and Germany. Multiple subsidiaries in Sweden, Portugal, and Germany.

What we started with

The Problem

Their website could not explain the company's value to potential clients or investors.


  • Industry Recognition
  • Increase conversions

What we did and how

We re-did their messaging and interviewed sales reps to know what information their customers were asking for. We streamlined their offer that is tailored to the engineer and decision-makers of the buyer persona. We developed the website in Webflow

The Results

15M Investment after redesign

Organic traffic increased by X

Lead quality improved significantly, so they can focus on developing B2B relations with people that will significantly impact their revenues. With this client was: Work less and make more in action.


How we achieved it

Make from website a high-performance converting tool

We used storytelling to rebuild the structure of the website and changed messaging.

Assist Business developers in their effort to explain the company's value

We handled the most common objections the prospects had before they even came to say them.

Prepare for an SEO campaign

Technical build according to the most modern frameworks, accessible and responsive. Speed load is also very important with technical SEO, and we have to give that performance away if we wanted to add videos. It is a trade-off between SEO and Conversions.

Industry recognition

The unforgettable and attractive brand will stay in the memory of people around the world. How Ynvisible looks on tradeshows with their super modern design compared to their peers with design from the 90s.


Coming to the old website, the customer did not know the value proposition.


Immediately after the load, visitors will identify what the company can do for them.