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Grenoble, France


#Clean energy
#Printed electronics


Series A Startup

After picture - new ynvisible homepageBefore picture - old ynvisible homepage
Google lighthouse score before performance 75, Accesibility 93, Best practises 73, SEO 87
Google lighthouse score after performance 96, Accesibility 95, Best practises 93, SEO 92


  • Rebranding
  • Industry recognition
  • Hiring talent

BeFC wanted to create impressive brand but still settled in design so it will not seem so foreign to the industry standards

What we did

We interviewed the executive team. Did research of potential customers and competitors.

We built the messaging, color scheme, updated the logotype, created designs. Then we developed the website on Webflow.

Coming to the old website, the customer did not know the value proposition.

Immediately after the load, THE TARGET PERSONA will identify what the company can do for them.


The word

▶️ BeFC’s website is LIVE!The amazing teams of Karpi Studio and BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cells worked hand in hand to build such an insightful website and I definitely recommend the work of Pavel Karpisek and Nikola Blanarova as website builders and designers. I also had the pleasure to work again with the talented Edouard Paul TRITANT to provide media content for BeFC.Please go check it out and do not hesitate to give us some feedback.

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Dr. Marie R. Berthuel
Chief Product Officer

Case Study