Case Study 2021―Website Redesign

Who is NeoCharge?

NeoCharge invented a smart IoT device for charging electro vehicles simultaneously using a home appliance.

NeoCharge team standing in front of an electric car

The problem

  • Incoherent story
  • Product showcased poorly
  • Confusing buying process
  • Outdated design
  • Unclear website structure
  • Low conversion


  • Improve sales
  • Create trust and authority
  • Promote the product

Message delivery

The goal was to create an easy, well-defined information architecture that bridges the gap between user and web application interaction; increase sales, and rank the site high. From the storytelling, to visual elements, to content, the aim was to guide, and engage the visitors journey from start to finish. This resulted in the audience having a better understanding of the value of the product; brand identity reinforced; trust and authority was established.

Target customer

Electric vehicle owners, and those who want to charge at home are the primary targets.

The story

Home EV charging is difficult and challenging due to: (1) lack of electrical capacity to add charging; (2) charging two cars simultaneously; (3) expensive installs and upgrades. NeoCharge created the optimal, safe and easy self-install solution.

User experience

Improving the
buying process

We built the product landing page to simplify the information, showcase the Smart Splitter's added value, and create an efficient checkout.

in one place

We moved all the knowledge base into one page called, Resources. From there, anyone can easily find what they're looking for.

Smart Splitter
Smart App
Product page

Design process

The Shop page was in need of simplify checkout, add valuable information and visual enhancement.

We added valuable information needed; provided better layout; and simplified the checkout process.

Landing page for the mobile app was outdated. Now, the user can see and understand how this is changing its life

Concise and compact changes was what the outdated landing page of the mobile app needed. To dependant users, this update is almost life-saving.

Homepage was short and unclear. The old version looked like car re-seller? New version is easy to understand and a pleasure to look at.

The information in the homepage was too short, and unclear, causing disconnect with the audience. The website resembled a car re-seller. The new version is now comprehensible, and a pleasure to look at.

Recources page is where people can find all important information they will ever need. All in one place. Nice and tidy.

The resource page is the place where all information is stored. It is, therefore, vital to create an informative web design and systematized content end-users can identify with.

Landing page for the product. All needed information in one place.

The landing page ensures that visitors don't have to imagine what the product will look like, nor interpret the meaning. Topics are brief, comprehensive, and neatly arranged.

Mobile friendly

NeoCharge website nicely adjusted to a mobile resolution

Lottie animations



The loading speed is under 1 second when we implemented the website to the super-fast CMS platform Webflow.


The front-end is on Webflow; the shop back-end is on Shopify; creating a faster sales process that bring high added value to the ecommerce business.


We test all our websites for functionality 3 times. For Google Lighthouse optimisation, 1 time. For graphic design alignment, 1 time.


Return of investment (ROI):


Data comparison 6 weeks after the launch

Bounce rate
Ecommerce conversion rate
Organic search
Mohtly revenue


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