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California, United States



Target customer:

Electric vehicle owners


Website design
Webflow development

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Project Aims

Neocharge is an smart splitter ev IoT company based in Los Angeles, US. Our goal was to design a new website for their product - Neocharge smart splitter.

We designed the new website in Figma, built it using Webflow and integrating the e-commerce side with Shopify. We then quality assured the whole project at the end to ensure everything is 100% optimized.

-Increase conversion.

-Optimize site structure.

-Improve user experience.

-Modernize site visually.

Old Neocharge homepage

Old neocharge homepageOld neocharge homepage

New Neocharge homepage

New neocharge homepageNew neocharge homepage

What we did

Magnifying glassMagnifying glassPaint brushPaint brushTop speedTop speedBaseline auto graphBaseline auto graph

We believe getting to an end goal successfully means breaking that down into smaller actionable steps. We split this project into 4 key steps.

Identified existing problems

The Neocharge website did not feel like one cohesive experience, and did not showcase the product and features well leading to low sales figures. We also identified the following issues:

Old product pageOld product pageOld app pageOld app page
-Poorly showcased product
-Confusing buying process
-Poor website structure
-Outdated design
-Low conversion rate

Once we had identified the issues with the site, we created a plan to tackle these. This started from the ground up with a full overhaul of the site structure to ensure it flowed smoothly for the site visitors and urged them to buy.

Restructured & Redesigned

New website structure

We created a new simple structure for the site which educated the visitor on how the product works, the benefits of it and urged them to buy via the appealing site flow and call to actions. We also moved all the knowledge base into one page called, Resources. From there, anyone can easily find what they're looking for, as this provided a better user experience.

New site structure mapNew site structure map

New checkout page

We added valuable information needed; provided better layout; and simplified the checkout process.

Old product pageOld product page
New product pageNew product page

New mobile app page

Old app page

The information in the homepage was too short, and unclear, causing disconnect with the audience. The website resembled a car re-seller. The new version is now comprehensible, and a pleasure to look at.

Old app page
New app page

Concise and compact changes was what the outdated landing page of the mobile app needed. To dependant users, this update is almost life-saving.

New app page
Old neocharge homepageOld neocharge homepage
New neocharge homepageNew neocharge homepage

New Resources page

We then created the resources page, this is where all information is stored. It is, therefore, vital to create an informative web design and systematized content end-users can identify with.

New installation pageNew installation pageNew resources pageNew resources pageNew setup page
New setup page


We built the website to be mobile friendly as well as being lightning fast. We added animation too to highlight the product use cases.

-Increase performance

-Mobile friendly

-Add animation

New product page on mobileNew product page on mobile
New app page on mobileNew app page on mobile
New homepage on mobileNew homepage on mobile
New landing page on mobileNew landing page on mobile

Lottie animations were added.

Mobile friendly

Our re-imagined website is created to look amazing on all devices. We test thoroughly to ensure that it’s a great experience regardless of the screen size.

Lottie animations

We brough the site to life by adding subtle animation and interactions throughout, this was complimented by lottie animations that show how the car car be chaged in various ways.

Loads quickly

Optimizing page load speed is a priority for us when creating a new website. For a great user experience it needs to be fast. This site loads in under 1 second as it’s hosted on the lightining fast Webflow CMS.


Data comparison 6 weeks after the website launch.

Bounce rate
conversion rate
Organic search
Monthly revenue

Return on investment (ROI):

3 weeks

“They created something amazing and the process was enjoyable. I will work with Pavel’s team on a new project in the future and I recommend you to do it as well.”

Henry CEO | Neocharge

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